General FAQs

How long do you retain user data as per your policy?

For our Free Samples plan, we retain your data for 90 days from the date of creation. However, for our premium plan, we will retain your data for as long as your plan is active. In the event that your premium subscription ends and you choose to discontinue the service, we will retain your data for a period of 1 year from the date your subscription ends. Should you choose to re-subscribe to the premium plan, the 1-year limit imposed on the old data will be reset.

Where are your servers located, and where will our data be stored?

Please be advised that our servers are located in the United States, and all data submitted through our service will be stored in the U.S. Additionally, we utilize Stripe for payment processing, and do not handle or store any of your payment information.

What happens when the app is uninstalled?

First things first, if you currently have an active subscription, it will be canceled. Additionally, we have implemented a data deletion policy, ensuring that all of your data will be deleted after a period of 30 days. If you reinstall the app within those 30 days, your data will remain accessible, and the cleanup process will be halted. However, if you reinstall the app after the 30-day period has elapsed, your data will no longer be accessible as it will have been permanently deleted.

Do you support data residency in other countries?

Currently, we host your data exclusively in the United States and do not offer data residency options in other countries. However, if you have specific requirements for data storage in a different location, please inform us, and we can discuss the possibilities further.

Please note that data synchronization between different data centers is not supported as it would contradict the purpose of data residency. For more information and guidance on data residency for Slack, we recommend referring to the article Data Residency for Slack.

Do you encrypt customer data?

Yes, we prioritize the security and privacy of your data. We implement end-to-end encryption to safeguard your information. Data transmitted between Slack and our service, and vice versa, is encrypted using HTTPS/TLS 1.2 protocols.

Furthermore, we employ robust encryption measures for data at rest. Your data is encrypted using a strong encryption key provided by Amazon AWS's key management system. For customers on the premium plan or higher, we extend encryption to all text data you provide. This is achieved through a hierarchical key model, leveraging a strong key obtained from Amazon KMS.

We regularly rotate all secret keys at different intervals to enhance security and minimize any potential risks. This proactive measure helps to maintain the integrity of our system and protect your data.

Pricing FAQs

How does the Free Samples plan work?

The Free Samples plan includes almost everything you need if your team are seasonal users. While there may be some limitations in certain areas, we strive to ensure that they do not prevent you from achieving your objectives. Your data will be stored on our server for 90 days, and after that period, it may no longer be accessible. However, if you upgrade to our Premium plan from the Free Samples plan, we will remove the 90-day data retention policy from your existing data ONLY when they reach 90 days. In other words, if you have data that's 30 days old while on the free plan and you switch to the premium plan for 30 days, then switch back to the free plan, your old data from the first free plan period will still be deleted within the next 30 days.

What billing options do you offer?

Our billing cycle offers both monthly and yearly options. With an yearly subscription, you will receive 2 months free. However, if you prefer a monthly plan, you have the flexibility to start or stop at any time with no long-term commitment.

What are the advantages of an yearly subscription compared to a monthly subscription?

A yearly subscription offers several benefits as a year-to-year commitment plan. With a yearly subscription, you enjoy the advantage of receiving 2 months free, which is equivalent to a 17% discount off the regular price. The subscription fee is charged based on a tiered structure that considers the number of active users. It's important to note that fluctuations in the number of active users throughout the year will not affect the subscription charge until the next billing cycle.

On the other hand, a monthly subscription provides more flexibility. It allows you to cancel your subscription at any time without any long-term commitment. With a monthly subscription, your bill may vary from month to month as we adjust the charges based on the number of active users for the upcoming subscription period when the renewal occurs.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we do. Upon the app's initial installation, the one-month free trial will be activated automatically. No credit card is required.

Are there any discounts available?

Yes. Use the code "NOICE" (No Ice is Noice) to receive a 20% discount for the first year. This offer is valid for a 12-month period and will expire on December 31, 2023.