Slack OAuth Scopes

These scopes are essential for Bubble Tea to function properly and provide its intended features and functionalities.

We request only the scopes that are currently needed by Bubble Tea. If additional scopes are required due to the addition of new functionalities, we will need to resubmit the application to Slack. As a result, you will need to reinstall Bubble Tea and provide consent again in order to access the new functionalities.

Scope Reason
app_mentions:read Enables the bot to read and respond to messages that mention it (@Bubble Tea). The bot may respond differently based on the content of the message.
channels:join Enables the bot to automatically join a public channel upon receiving a user request.
channels:read Enables the bot to read the information of a public channel and test its accessibility.
chat:write Enables the bot to send messages as "@Bubble Tea" (itself), delete or update its own messages. This is a crucial capability that allows the bot to effectively communicate with users.
chat:write.customize Enables the bot to send messages as "@Bubble Tea" using a user profile and name. This capability is utilized by the Stand-Up feature, allowing the bot to post updates on behalf of users.
chat:write.public Enables the bot to send messages to a public channel, even if it is not a member of that channel.
commands Enables the bot to support slash command features. You can view all available commands in the bot's home tab, specifically in the "About" section.
groups:read Enables the bot to access the information of private channels it has been added to (excluding the channel content). This capability is necessary to retrieve the member list of the private channel. It proves useful for features such as greeting cards or quizzes, where the bot can include all members of the channel.
im:history Enables the bot to access and process messages shared between a user and the bot within their direct message channel.
im:write Enables the bot to send direct messages to users. This capability is utilized for notifying users or reporting issues, such as when it is unable to write to a private channel.
pins:write Enables the bot to pin or unpin messages. This capability is utilized by the bot exclusively to manage pins for its own messages.
users:read Enables the bot to access user information, including user name, time zone, locale, avatar, and status. The bot does not receive user email. User information is not stored in our database, but it may be temporarily cached to enhance performance.

To learn more about app permissions and understand how they work, please visit the following page: Understand app permissions.