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Monthly Yearly 2 Months Free
Free Samples
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Ideal for trial and experimentation

  • All main flavors with no boba or toppings
  • We may purge data that are older than 90 days
  • We may cap the processing time
  • Field-Level Encryption
  • Priority Support
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Ideal for medium to large enterprises.

  • Everything in premium
  • Dedicated Server and Database Instance
  • Support large team > 5,000 active users
  • Enterprise grid support
  • On-premise and private cloud support

Full Plan Comparison

Flexible options for switching, upgrading, or canceling at any time. Please note that all the features listed here are subject to change without prior notice. This matrix is provided for informational purposes only.

Free Samples
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Data Processing and Storage
Data Retention 90 days (from creation) unlimited *
Processing Time Limited by our service's cap. No specific cap, although there may be limitations imposed by Slack.
Field-Level Encryption
Encryption in Transit and at Rest
Activity Logs
Common Features
Engagement Points and Rankings
Feature Toggles
Pending Actions
Internationalization (i18n)
Multilingual Input Support
Multiple Time Zone Support

Flexible Poll Type
Standard Poll Type
/poll Command
Poll Home's Tab
Topic's Characters Limit 128 256
Poll's Description
Poll Option's Characters Limit 128 256
Max Options per Poll 4 More than 4
Voter Display Name Only Name or Avatar
Configurable Vote Limit
Scheduled Closing
Scheduled Posting
Recreate a Poll from Existing
Anonymous Voting
Anonymous Authorship
Allow Users to Add Options
Announce the Result upon Closing
Display Result-to-Poll Shortcut
Repost Poll to Attract Attention
Manage Poll Deletion and Recovery
Lucky Draw
Create a Tiebreaker Poll
Generic Poll Templates
Custom Poll Templates Coming Soon
User-Friendly Options Switch Assistant
Integrated Pending Actions
Integrated Engagement Points

Quiz Home Tab
/quiz Command
Multiple Choice Question
Checkboxes Question
Short Text Question
Rearrange Questions
Point Assignment
Quiz Deletion and Editing Controls
Multi-session Capability
Title Character Limit 64 256
Description Character Limit 128 512
Question Character Limit 128 512
Choice Character Limit 64 512
Text Answer Character Limit 8 128
Max Questions per Quiz 4 More than 4
Quiz Preview
Integrated Pending Actions
Integrated Engagement Points

Greeting Cards Home Tab
Direct Message Card Sign Request
Card Sign and Withdrawal
Include Signers from Channel
Multiple Source Signers
Multiple Recipients
Scheduled Posting
Post Analytics
Cover Image
Giphy Search Integration
Integrated Pending Actions
Integrated Engagement Points

Seamless Channel Integration
/tasks Command
Clutter-Free Tasks View
Multiple Assignee Tags
Ticket URL
Task Deadline
Task Resolution and Status Management
Task Status Indicators
Task Editing
Condensed View/Expanded View
Customizable Cleanup for Completed and Cancelled Tasks
History of Completed and Cancelled Tasks
Task Reminder Scheduler
Integrated Pending Actions
Integrated Engagement Points

Announce Notify Home Tab
Quick View of Announcement Messages
Message Acknowledgement
Unified View of Announcement Messages with Shortcut Link
/announce Command
/subscribe Command
/unsubscribe Command
Centralized Subscription Management
Automatic Message Pinning
Direct Message Notification
Integrated Pending Actions
Integrated Engagement Points

Stand Up Home Tab
/standup Command
Centralized Standup Meetings Overview 1 Meeting Up to 5 Meetings
Customizable Team Name
Customizable Meeting Facilitator
Customizable Facilitator Title
Customizable Members
Customizable Standup Meeting Start Message
Customizable Standup Questions
Customizable Feeling Emojis
Random Giphy Integration
Share Update Right Away Option
Display Attendance Option
Display Absentees Option
Display Team Feelings Option
Adjustable Meeting Duration with Automatic Closure
Scheduled Meetings
Integrated Pending Actions
Integrated Engagement Points

Pricing FAQs

Need further assistance? Don't hesitate to reach out to us with your questions at We're here to help

How does the Free Samples plan work?

The Free Samples plan includes almost everything you need if your team are seasonal users. While there may be some limitations in certain areas, we strive to ensure that they do not prevent you from achieving your objectives. Your data will be stored on our server for 90 days, and after that period, it may no longer be accessible. However, if you upgrade to our Premium plan from the Free Samples plan, we will remove the 90-day data retention policy from your existing data ONLY when they reach 90 days. In other words, if you have data that's 30 days old while on the free plan and you switch to the premium plan for 30 days, then switch back to the free plan, your old data from the first free plan period will still be deleted within the next 30 days.

What billing options do you offer?

Our billing cycle offers both monthly and yearly options. With an yearly subscription, you will receive 2 months free. However, if you prefer a monthly plan, you have the flexibility to start or stop at any time with no long-term commitment.

What are the advantages of an yearly subscription compared to a monthly subscription?

A yearly subscription offers several benefits as a year-to-year commitment plan. With a yearly subscription, you enjoy the advantage of receiving 2 months free, which is equivalent to a 17% discount off the regular price. The subscription fee is charged based on a tiered structure that considers the number of active users. It's important to note that fluctuations in the number of active users throughout the year will not affect the subscription charge until the next billing cycle.

On the other hand, a monthly subscription provides more flexibility. It allows you to cancel your subscription at any time without any long-term commitment. With a monthly subscription, your bill may vary from month to month as we adjust the charges based on the number of active users for the upcoming subscription period when the renewal occurs.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we do. Upon the app's initial installation, the one-month free trial will be activated automatically. No credit card is required.

Are there any discounts available?

Yes. Use the code "NOICE" (No Ice is Noice) to receive a 20% discount for the first year. This offer is valid for a 12-month period and will expire on December 31, 2023.

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