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Introducing a Simple Poll

Select the poll type that suits your needs.

Flexible Poll

allows users to change their votes as many times as they want before the poll is closed, giving them the freedom to modify their choices.

Standard Poll

operates like a traditional ballot placed in a physical box. Once a vote is cast, it cannot be changed, ensuring the integrity of the voting process.

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Maintain Privacy with our Anonymity Feature

Create polls without revealing your identity, and configure them to enable anonymous voting. This ensures that everyone can freely cast their vote without concerns about consequences or disclosure.
Collaborative Brainstorming

Empower Users to Contribute and Expand Your Poll's Options

It's not just about asking for opinions on a predefined set of options. With this feature, you can empower your users to contribute additional options, turning the poll into a powerful tool for brainstorming and idea generation.
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Reaching Consensus

"Today, we have collectively made a decision together."

When the poll concludes, you have the option to display the results ranked by the number of votes received. This serves as a valuable decision capture for future reference. Additionally, you can choose to pin this message for easy access and visibility.
Customize Your Voting Experience

Opt-in or Opt-out of Real-time Vote Counting.

Choose whether to display the vote count in real-time during the voting session. Opting not to display the vote count allows users to focus on making decisions without external influence. However, if you prefer, you can enable real-time vote counting for added excitement as the scores dynamically change. The choice is yours, tailoring the options to suit your preferences.
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Control Votes, Maintain Flexibility

Set Limits and Enable Vote Changes.

With our poll feature, you can set a specific number of votes per user. The poll will clearly indicate this limit to users, ensuring they know how many votes they can cast. But what if they want to change their mind after using up all their votes? Don't worry, our user-friendly interface makes changing their decisions as easy as pie. Flexibility is at your fingertips!
The End is Near

Configure Your Poll to Automatically Close at a Specific Time.

Just like everything else, your poll also has an end. You have the freedom to close it whenever you desire and obtain the final results. Alternatively, you can configure it to automatically close X hours from now. This information will be clearly indicated in the poll when it is posted to the channel, ensuring your team is aware of the urgency and timing.
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Overcoming Time Zone Differences

Schedule Polls for Optimal Timing.

When working with teams across different time zones, it's essential to respect your teammates' personal time. However, there are instances when you have an idea you're eager to discuss and don't want to delay it, fearing you might forget. Rest assured, our poll feature allows you to schedule the poll to be posted at a specific time. This way, you can freely express your ideas without interrupting anyone's well-deserved sleep or personal time. Embrace seamless collaboration while considering everyone's schedule with scheduled polls.
Navigating Unresolved Results

Tie Breaker and Lucky Draw Options.

In certain cases, poll results may not reach a consensus with no clear winner. This can occur when the poll is scheduled to close at a specific time or when participants are unable to see others' votes, among other reasons. In such situations, our bot offers two options at the end: the tie breaker and lucky draw.

The tie breaker feature allows you to create another poll exclusively for the options that received the highest count. This gives everyone a chance to make a final decision. Alternatively, the lucky draw option offers a random selection. This can be particularly useful for polls related to light-hearted topics, such as deciding what's for lunch.

Embrace these features to resolve indecisiveness and bring closure to your polls, ensuring a smooth decision-making process for your team.

Plan Comparison

Please note that all the features listed here are subject to change without prior notice. This matrix is provided for informational purposes only.

Free Samples
Flexible Poll Type
Standard Poll Type
/poll Command
Poll Home's Tab
Topic's Characters Limit 128 256
Poll's Description
Poll Option's Characters Limit 128 256
Max Options per Poll 4 More than 4
Voter Display Name Only Name or Avatar
Configurable Vote Limit
Scheduled Closing
Scheduled Posting
Recreate a Poll from Existing
Anonymous Voting
Anonymous Authorship
Allow Users to Add Options
Announce the Result upon Closing
Display Result-to-Poll Shortcut
Repost Poll to Attract Attention
Manage Poll Deletion and Recovery
Lucky Draw
Create a Tiebreaker Poll
Generic Poll Templates
Custom Poll Templates Coming Soon
User-Friendly Options Switch Assistant
Integrated Pending Actions
Integrated Engagement Points
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