Whether it's a lighthearted Icebreaker Quiz or a more serious one, you can keep the team engaged throughout the entire meeting.

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2 in 1

Native Quiz for Slack

Create and run quizzes seamlessly within your workspace.

Interactive Quiz

Experience a fun-filled time with interactive quizzes where everyone can enjoy viewing the answers and scoreboard after each question. We'll leave the creativity part to you.

Traditional Quiz

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Our Versatile Quiz

Supporting Various Question Formats and Flexible Design

  • Our quiz accommodates multiple question formats, including multiple-choice, checkboxes, and plain text.
  • You have the freedom to structure questions with multiple lines or even create code blocks using markdown.
  • No need to be concerned about the order of questions during the quiz design process, as you can easily reorder them at any time.
  • Whether it's a coding quiz, trivial game quiz, or a lighthearted team-building quiz, our quiz is capable of supporting all of these scenarios.
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Quiz Publishing and Revision System

Ensuring Data Integrity and User Experience

When you publish a quiz, we will generate a revision based on your latest quiz template. This revision is immutable, ensuring that users take the quiz against a version that cannot be modified. You have the freedom to make changes to your quiz template without impacting users currently taking the quiz or the results from past events. The revision system is in place to ensure data integrity and maintain the accuracy of quiz results.
Customizable Scoring and Dynamic Scoreboards

Elevating the Quiz Experience

You have the flexibility to customize the score for each question in the quiz. To amp up the fun, we offer a built-in scoreboard feature. You can choose to display the scoreboard after each question or at the end, transforming the quiz into an engaging competitive game.

Plan Comparison

Please note that all the features listed here are subject to change without prior notice. This matrix is provided for informational purposes only.

Free Samples
Quiz Home Tab
/quiz Command
Multiple Choice Question
Checkboxes Question
Short Text Question
Rearrange Questions
Point Assignment
Quiz Deletion and Editing Controls
Multi-session Capability
Title Character Limit 64 256
Description Character Limit 128 512
Question Character Limit 128 512
Choice Character Limit 64 512
Text Answer Character Limit 8 128
Max Questions per Quiz 4 More than 4
Quiz Preview
Integrated Pending Actions
Integrated Engagement Points
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