Do the standup asynchronously (with or without standing up)

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Tailor Your Daily Standups

Custom Questions and Emojis

You have the freedom to customize the questions, adding a touch of fun to the routine. After all, you know your team best and can choose the language that resonates most with them. Don't worry, we also provide default questions as a starting point.

But that's not all! You can configure the standup to include emojis. Expressing how everyone feels has never been easier. Get ready to spice up your daily standup with custom questions and fun emojis.

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Streamline Your Daily Standup

Stay Organized and Informed

While typically you may have one daily standup meeting, it's not uncommon to work on multiple projects simultaneously. Keeping track of all these projects can be challenging. The style and format of standup updates may also vary across teams, making it easy for important messages to get lost in busy channels.

To combat this, we've introduced the Standup Home tab. It serves as a centralized hub that consolidates all the meetings you're a part of. This feature allows you to quickly gain insights into team momentum and the overall sentiment.

Effortless Recurring Standup

Automate and Assign Responsibility

Say goodbye to manually posting standup update requests. With our app, you can easily create a recurrent schedule for your standup. No more hassles of reminding team members individually.

You can assign the role of Scrum Master or Flow Manager, and this information will be prominently displayed, keeping everyone aware of who is responsible for facilitating a meeting.

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Efficient Asynchronous Standup Management

Time Boxing for Focus

Managing asynchronous standup meetings can be challenging due to their nature. Unlike physical standup that typically take 10-15 minutes, Slack-based standup can sometimes stretch longer. But worry not, we have a solution.

Introducing time boxing: You can set a specific time limit for the meeting. Once the allocated time is up, users won't be able to provide updates through the meeting prompt anymore (they can still share updates via regular Slack messages). This time boxing approach creates a sense of urgency, emphasizing the importance of the meeting and ensuring focused and concise updates.

Fostering a Fun Work Environment

Spice Up Standup Notifications with Giphy!

Creating a positive work environment goes beyond just efficiency; it should also be enjoyable. Starting the day with a random Giphy may not be a bad idea.

Simply provide a keyword or phrase like "funny cat" or "best meeting ever," and let Giphy find a hilarious or fitting animation for you.

Privacy First: Your query text, and nothing more, is sent to Giphy. Rest assured, we prioritize your privacy. When using the Giphy feature, we strictly send only the query text to the Giphy API.


Plan Comparison

Please note that all the features listed here are subject to change without prior notice. This matrix is provided for informational purposes only.

Free Samples
Stand Up Home Tab
/standup Command
Centralized Standup Meetings Overview 1 Meeting Up to 5 Meetings
Customizable Team Name
Customizable Meeting Facilitator
Customizable Facilitator Title
Customizable Members
Customizable Standup Meeting Start Message
Customizable Standup Questions
Customizable Feeling Emojis
Random Giphy Integration
Share Update Right Away Option
Display Attendance Option
Display Absentees Option
Display Team Feelings Option
Adjustable Meeting Duration with Automatic Closure
Scheduled Meetings
Integrated Pending Actions
Integrated Engagement Points
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