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Look no further for all-in-one productivity and employee engagement tools. Discover the convenience of a single integrated native app for Slack that combines the essential tools you need to accomplish amazing work. Because you're awesome, this app empowers you to do your best work effortlessly.

Before you get started, please ensure that you have installed the app.

To assist you in getting started, we are pleased to introduce our features and their slash commands.


Easily create a quick poll to gather ideas or determine the best option using a simple command.
/poll "What are your favorite foods?" "Thai" "Japanese" 
The first argument represents the poll's topic, followed by the poll's options. If you provide only the topic and omit the options, the AI will generate options for you. And, of course, you have the flexibility to remove or override any generated options as you see fit.
/poll "Should we do standup in Slack today"
The AI feature is exclusively available in the premium plan.
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Start a quiz directly within a Slack channel. Whether you're looking for a fun ice-breaking trivia game or a more serious quiz to assess knowledge before and after a training session, the choice is yours. Engage your team and make learning interactive with ease.


Working remotely? Not an issue! With the world as your only border (for now 🌕), you can conduct asynchronous or stand-up meetings right in your team channel.
/standup start
To modify the configurations, execute the following command.
/standup config
To set up the standup schedule, use the following command.
/standup schedule

* Ensure that your status updates are timely, as these meetings have designated start times and durations. And here's a fun twist: you can introduce a 'late jar' to contribute towards the next team dinner as a friendly reminder to stay punctual :).

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Group Greeting Cards

Impress your team members by coordinating group birthday wishes, anniversary celebrations, or congratulatory messages on promotions. Create a collaborative group card that will be delivered to them on the specified date and time. Show your thoughtfulness and make their special occasions even more memorable. It's just a command away.

you can specify certain parameters to make use of our pre-defined template, and we'll handle the boilerplate completion for you.
/card [birthday|anniversary|promotion]

Executing the following command will employ the birthday template.

/card birthday

You can furnish the list of recipients using their Slack handles.

/card birthday @james

You can include multiple recipients by simply separating each handle with a space.

/card anniversary @john @alice

Announce & Notify

Feeling overwhelmed with too many channels? No problem! You can effortlessly announce important information to your subscribers, even without requiring them to join the channel. Streamline communication and ensure important updates reach the right audience seamlessly.

For announcers: Use

If you're sharing only a title, you can omit the double quotes.

/announce This is the announcement title

Otherwise, the use of double quotes is necessary.

/announce "Important Update" "Version 2.0 onwards is not compatible with previous versions (1.x)."
For subscribers: Use
/announce subscribe
And if you ever need to opt out, it's as easy as
/announce unsubscribe

Please note that this feature operates exclusively in public channels to guarantee the preservation of privacy.

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Group Tasks

Collaborate on tasks seamlessly and keep track of them effortlessly with integrated group tasks right in your Slack channel. Say goodbye to awkwardly pinging team members to ask about the status of dependent tasks. Let the system handle those interactions for you, making task management smoother and more efficient. And yes, it's as easy as issuing a single command.

Ground Control

To fully experience the benefits of Bubble Tea, simply navigate to the Bubble Tea home tab. There, you will discover a comprehensive array of features we offer to enhance your Bubble Tea experience.

Our app is thoughtfully designed as a native integration for Slack, enabling you to effortlessly manage and access your data without the need to leave your primary work platform. With Bubble Tea, all your important functionalities are conveniently consolidated within Slack, streamlining your workflow and maximizing your productivity.

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